Commercial Demo - Leah Frederick
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Narration Demo - Leah Frederick
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"Leah has been an absolute joy to work with. Not only has she exceeded our expectations, but (she) has gone above and beyond to provide outstanding work."

~Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc.

"Leah Frederick is the perfect voice for L. j. Charles' Caitlin! (She) brings to life the quirky Caitlin in a way that no other could possibly do."

~Audible reviewer for Ceann - Caitlin's Tarot by L.j. Charles

"Leah Frederick again brings this story to us, with the same voices she uses in the previous story. There is nothing better than putting in your earbuds and recognizing your characters that become your family when you are listening. She is amazing."

~Audible reviewer for Changing Times by Jacqueline Rhoades

"It was great to hear the lines read 'in character' ... Leah Frederick brings a tone of voice that I missed in the text version, perhaps because she sensed nuance in the story & characters that I missed or skimmed over, or perhaps that's just her gift, bringing characters to life. When narration called for sarcasm, she nailed it, when it called for softness and compassion, I felt it."

~Audible reviewer for
The Frog Prince by Elle Lothlorien

Thanks for visiting LiliBach Studios, a professional multimedia and recording studio
owned and operated by Leah Frederick. 

In the Studio with Leah

  Well, hasn't 2020 been an Adventure thus far? Frankly, it's a really great time to be in the voiceover biz. It's like I've been preparing for COVID-19 for the past 15 years!

  Thus far, I've narrated a slew of textbooks for Pearson, including my first culinary arts textbook (NOTE: narrating recipes is more challenging than you would think). I've also had a few nonfiction audiobooks in the mix. I also just finished a children's chapter book and a 660-page book of poetry. Lemme tell ya, the latter was A LOT harder than expected. All in all, I've managed to keep myself #HealthyatHome and am so grateful for my clients in these challenging times. So things continue to percolate over here at LiliBach Studios!

The Big 5-0 has officially come and gone with The Corona canceling all the celebrations I had initially planned. That said, I am the kind of gal to make limoncello outta lemons so that's what I did! I decided to do a Live Concert fundraiser for my two favorite nonprofits: the Augusta Art Guild and the Maysville Players. As arts organizations, both have had to cancel their biggest fundraising events for the safety of the community this year. So I figured, maybe I can raise a coupla hundred buckaroos for 'em. People donated TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS (that's $1275 for EACH charity)!!!! Frankly, I was gobsmacked and really, it was one of the best ways to celebrate Half A Century (yikes! that phrase always makes me wince). If you'd like to view the concert, see below. In the meantime, stay safe and wash your filthy hands ;-)


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